Rewind: the first Artificial Intelligence platform for Manufacturing and Industry

Rewind: we reduce unwanted downtime of your plants with artificial intelligence.

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Rewind: reduces unwanted downtime of industrial plants with Artificial Intelligence

At the heart of industrial innovation, we find Rewind, our one-of-a-kind artificial intelligence platform based on Cloud-Edge technology with three registered patents. Available as a service (SaaS) or product (On Premises), Rewind is the ideal companion for industries that operate industrial plants or production lines and wish to reduce unwanted downtime.

Rewind allows you to build ad hoc artificial intelligence microservices tailored to any system, ideally comparable to “sentinels” that use AI to make real-time predictions by learning from the past.

Less Waste and more Efficiency

With Rewind, the plant’s IoT data is exploited not only to monitor but also to predict anomalies that cause waste, excessive consumption, breakages and even accidents. Rewind Sentinels have a reliability of over 90% proven in various sectors. And the first year allows savings of up to 30% with a predictive power that grows over time thanks to AI.

Perfectly integrated with MES and ERP systems, Rewind allows real-time analysis of Predictive Quality & Anomaly Detection & Predictive Maintenance, putting man at the center. Sentinels enhance its capacity for proactive interventions to make plants more efficient, productive, sustainable and safe.

With Rewind, we make what we imagine possible: we transform intuition into objective data. Request a demo!

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Test: Rewind independently connects to the PLC to acquire IoT data.

Machine Learning: Rewind is trained with custom algorithms to predict anomalies such as: waste, breakages, excessive consumption or accidents.

Evaluation: we measure the efficiency and productivity of Rewind in reducing unwanted downtime due to rework, false starts or failures.

Optimization: Rewind offers an intuitive interface that correlates process data with settings data to reveal and exploit latent patterns to improve the process.

Deploy: the decision to implement Rewind, in Premises or SaaS mode, depends on the extent of the benefits highlighted and demonstrated.

Monitoring: Rewind is human centric, it does not deviate from man but enhances his proactive capacity by promoting preventive actions.

Action: recommendations become concrete actions by the operator.

Improve: Operator actions help retrain Rewind, enhancing its predictive capabilities to increase efficiency, productivity, sustainability and safety.

Our Vision

Introduce an ethical and “human centric” use of Artificial Intelligence in the corporate environment to create safer, more efficient and sustainable plants, triggering a new era of industrial productivity in harmony with the environment and society

Mission: Shaping the future with artificial intelligence to reduce plant downtime and eliminate repetitive activities in order to enhance human creativity

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“Storie di Successo”

Sole24Ore – “Storie di Successo”

Si chiama Diskover, è una startup innovativa nata nel 2019 a Pescara ed è tra le prime ad utilizzare l’intelligenza artificiale sugli impianti industriali delle aziende manifatturiere e dell’automotive, per aumentarne l’efficienza e quindi la produttività. La soluzione creata si chiama Rewind…

“Industria più sicura e sostenibile con l’AI”

Platinum – “Industria più sicura e sostenibile con l’intelligenza artificiale”

Rewind: la piattaforma di AI che scongiura i fermi non voluti degli impianti. La realtà raggiunge e supera la fantasia del cinema: sin dal celebre film del 2022 “Minority Report” Tom Cruise interpretava il ruolo di un poliziotto visionario…

“Intelligenza artificiale applicata all’industria”

Meccanica – “Intelligenza artificiale applicata all’industria”

Riccardo Di Nisio, CEO di Diskover, Start Up innovativa avviata nel 2019, presenta Rewind, la prima piattaforma che rappresenta la soluzione più avanzata basata sull’intelligenza artificiale (AI) per il manufacturing e l’industria…

“Manufacturing e Digital Marketing con l’AI Diskover”

Abruzzo Magazine – “Manufacturing e Digital Marketing con l’IA Diskover”

La start up pescarese, che vede come ceo Riccardo Di Nisio, sta diventando un punto di riferimento per l’innovazione nella data science e nell’intelligenza artificiale, fornendo soluzioni avanzate e su misura per le imprese e le organizzazioni di tutto il mondo…

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Diskover, startup innovativa, presenta Rewind: AI Cloud Edge solution per l’efficienza degli impianti industriali. Prevede le anomalie in tempo reale.


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