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Rewind: Improve efficiency and security with Artificial Intelligence

At the heart of industrial innovation, we find Rewind, our artificial intelligence solution based on Cloud-Edge technology with three pending patents. Available as a service (SaaS) or product (On Premise), Rewind is the ideal companion for industries operating with industrial plants or production lines.

With Rewind, we not only collect the IoT data of the plant, but we interpret it, correlate and use it to predict anomalies in real time and manage risk. With its Predictive Quality & Anomaly Detection functionality, Rewind offers a perspective never seen before, making it possible not only to increase efficiency and productivity, but also to gain a deep understanding of processes for the benefit of safety.

Rewind is not a simple proposal, it is already tested and proven. The results speak for itself: a 30% reduction in inefficiencies and waste, already in the first year of use with a predictive safety control.

Rewind revolutionizes the way of thinking about the IoT data of plants, positioning itself as an advanced third generation MES. It does not limit itself to monitoring the system, but predicts, suggests and guides towards optimal management. It puts man in a position to anticipate events, understanding how to avoid anomalies and risks even before they arise.

With Rewind, what we imagine, we make possible: we transform data into action, forecasts into results, innovation into industrial productivity for sustainability, safety and efficiency.

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First Training School on Artificial Intelligence in the Industrial Sector: discover the Masterclasses

Where your vision meets our experience.

The world of industry is undergoing a profound transformation, and artificial intelligence is the engine of this revolution. But we know that every company is unique, with its own needs and challenges. This is why we created the Masterclasses: a personalized training path, illustrated in the graph you see below.

Our method

Our graphic illustrates a collaborative dance between Diskover and your company:

  1. 8-hour Masterclass (from Diskover): start with a solid understanding of AI and its potential. This is where our team provides case studies and shows what is possible.
  2. Idea generation (by companies): with new knowledge in hand, it’s time to think about how AI can improve the specific processes of individual participants. Here, the involvement of the company is maximum, as the business that knows the specific challenges and opportunities better than anyone else is involved.
  3. POC development (from Diskover): with your ideas as a guide, we’re back in action. We create Proofs of Concept (POC) that tangibly demonstrate how AI can be applied to meet different needs.
  4. Specific training on POCs: we conclude the course with specific and personalized training on the solutions implemented. This allows your team to fully understand and make the most of the innovations introduced.

Our goal is simple: we want every company to be able to see and experience the concrete benefits of AI, tailored to their needs. We do not offer theory, but concrete, targeted solutions and practical training resulting from our experience with multinationals and SMEs.

Now imagine the potential of a training course built around YOU

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Our Vision

To become the reference technological partner for the manufacturing sector, shaping the future of the industry through the use of artificial intelligence solutions. We imagine a world in which every industrial plant is optimized to maximize productivity and efficiency, while minimizing risks and anomalies. Our journey is guided by our commitment to create value through digital transformation, fueling a safer, more efficient and sustainable industrial age.

Mission:  To lead the digital revolution in the manufacturing sector by providing world-class artificial intelligence solutions. Through our Rewind platform, we are committed to improving productivity, efficiency, safety and preventing anomalies in industrial processes. Our goal is to equip every trader with the power and accuracy of data, transforming intuitive decisions into data-driven strategic choices.

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