Diskover – from data science to your success

About Us

 “Without data, we are like a ship without a compass, doomed to drift without a clear direction.”


Diskover is an innovative data science startup that reaches ever higher to challenge the limits of innovation and research. We are driven by the desire to constantly improve and to offer our customers cutting-edge solutions that can improve their lives and make the world a better place.

Our value system makes us unique and capable of excelling in what we do.

We are passionate about technology and we always pursue excellence to generate value for our customers. Every day we face challenges that push us to overcome our limits and find new creative and natural solutions to achieve success. We are ready to face any obstacle, because we know that every victory will bring us one step closer to our clients’ dreams of fulfillment.

From the satisfaction of our customers we draw our inspiration to do more and better. We are grateful for every positive feedback and we are committed to transforming every critical issue into an opportunity for improvement.

The commitment to what we do was recognized in 2021 as the Best Innovative Startup in Abruzzo committed to concrete artificial intelligence solutions to improve human work and make it more efficient and competitive strong> companies.

In 2023 we were selected by the Chamber of Commerce of Chieti and Pescara to represent technological Abruzzo at the SMAU in London.
These recognitions make us proud and remind us of the importance of pursuing our corporate values ​​with commitment and dedication. We are honored to be recognized as a company that strives for quality and excellence in every aspect of our work, and this motivates us to keep working with passion to always reach new goals.

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